Infographic – Substitute Ingredients in Baking

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Sometimes you start on preparing something – food, pastry or desserts, you may come across a situation where you don’t have all the ingredients in the recipe. Or maybe one of the ingredients is not doing you well for your diet or health. That is when you need to know what to use as substitute ingredients in baking.

Baking and cooking are not easy, but are not super complicated either. You can sometimes play with the ingredients. I have done that before and in some case it turned out just fine. Other times my experimenting curiosity was not happy with the results.

That is why it’s good to know from people who tried that already and who have a considerable experience in baking what else to use when you don’t have an ingredient mentioned in your recipes.

Here is an infographic on substitute ingredients in baking made by

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Nothing is irreplaceable. You can always use individual silicone muffin cups rather than a whole pan, or a snake cake mold better than regular round baking pan.

Whatever you choose, just make something delicious!

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