How to bake a rainbow cupcake

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Maybe some of you have seen my previous post about a list of beautiful rainbow desserts – from icecream to pancakes. The list also included an awesome looking rainbow cake which I have decided to try myself. So this is my baking story about how to bake a rainbow cupcake.

one rainbow cupcake

After a previous trial and error experience with some cupcakes, this time I have decided to follow the exact recipe as shown here. No more assumptions and experiments. As I have previously stated, my main skill is eating and not baking.

But here it goes.

How to bake a rainbow cupcake

I have bought and then gathered all the ingredients for the batter:

rainbow cupcake ingredients

I have carefully measured and mixed them. I was a bit nervous about separating the whites from the yolks. But I survived. Next time I want to get an egg white separator.

rainbow cupcake batter

All happy and jolly, I have taken out all the smalll bowls I had in the cupboards and I split the batter into 6 bowls. My coloring gel came only in 4 colors: red, yellow, green and blue. So I had to look back into the early art lessons and remember about combining the main colors. Yes, I have added a bit of red and yellow and got the orange, then red and blue to get the purple. Easy peasy!

rainbow batter

The coloring adventure

I have taken out my heavy artillery – my 2 metal cupcake pans, each of them with 6 cups. So then I started the meticulous work: pour one spoonful of each color (from purple to red) in each cup.

rainbow cupcake fillup

The recipe is supposed to cover 24 cupcakes. If you can measure evenly. Of course I didn’t, so I added too much batter in the first and second one that in the end I only managed to get 18 fat cupcakes.

rainbow cupcake spoonfull
rainbow cupcake full cup

rainbow cupcakes pan

Alright, they went in, survived, turned into something that looked like a toadstool. I noticed since they were in the oven that green that was towards the bottom was already reaching for the top.

baked rainbow cupcakes

The frosting challenge

Then I turned to the frosting – my biggest fear. I mixed the butter with vanilla and the tons of sugar indicated in the recipe. It was much more firm than in my last attempt but I put it in the fridge while I cleaned a bit the counter and washed the dishes.

rainbow cupcakes frosting

Eventually I have grabbed the piping bag, tried a few nozzles and started the frosting business. The frosting was not as hard as I was hoping for, but it managed to stay in place. At least it was not dripping.

Then, we had to reach the verdict. So we cut one open and we did what we do best: ate it!

rainbow cupcake half

rainbow cupcake section


Weak Points 😞:

  • colors are mixing up, they are not keeping in separate layers.
  • the frosting is so sweet your teeth can fall off. I think it should work with half of the sugar quantity.
  • the work to fill each cup with a spoonfull of each color is painstakingly slow.

Strong Points 😊:

  • it is cheap to make
  • you can impress everyone
  • it is delicious. There is none left!

how to bake a rainbow cupcake

Sooo…my conclusion is that anyone should try it, at least once. Let me know if you have any good solutions to fix the 2 weak points about the mixing colors and the fill up work.

Good luck 🍀!

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