The best freshly made cupcakes from Poppy’s Cupcakes

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Sometimes a great idea can spark from a child’s joy to eat freshly made cupcakes baked by her own mother. This is how a local cupcake business started in London. Today, it brings the same joy to so many others.

Wendy was encouraged by her daughter’s love for her cupcakes to open up a local cupcake delivery business that was named after her: Poppy’s Cupcakes. So she started out delivering in the neigbourhood and as her customers were really pleased with here delightful recipes, the word got out and orders started pouring in from other close by areas.

Her cupcakes are always freshly made to order and are baked with as many locally sourced natural ingredients as possible. You can pick from 12 types of cupcakes or order a custom type for your business or special event. She is also prepared for special seasons, holidays or special events in our lives, like birthdays, weddings or baby shower.

We talked to Wendy and she told us about her story, how she started and what are the most popular cupcakes among her customers.

This is what’s behind the scenes of freshly made cupcakes from Poppy’s Cupcakes:

1.How did you start? How many recipes did you rely on on day 1?

I tried out 3 cupcake recipes until I found one that I liked.

2.Where do you get your ideas from?

I try to think of new ideas myself and then I have a look on Google to see if other people have thought of my ideas too. If they have, I try to better what they have done.

3.What are your top 3 essential baking tools in everyday work?

My top 3 baking tools are my mixer, bun trays and piping bag.

4.What is the most popular cupcake and why?

Our best selling cupcake is chocolate orange. I am not sure why. People just love it, perhaps it reminds them of their childhood.

Chocolate Orange Freshly Made Cupcake

5.What is the easiest cupcake to make?

The easiest cupcake to make is either simply vanilla or simply chocolate as there are no toppings involved.

simple chocolate freshly made cupcake

6.What is the cupcake YOU liked the most and are most proud of?

The cupcake I like the most is my Wimbledon themed cupcake.

wimbledon freshly made cupcake

7.How many freshly made cupcakes have you baked the most in one day? How did you manage?

200 cupcakes for Fullers Brewery open day. I baked them all in batches and then frosted them a couple of hours later to give my fingers a rest. When you bake that many you can get cramp in your fingers if your not careful. That’s why you need to take plenty of breaks.

8.Where do you deliver? Can people come pick them up if their area is not covered?

We deliver for free in West London. We use a courier called Cake Taxi.  For other London postcode areas we deliver at a cost of £20. Also, people often pick up their orders from us.

9.Do you have 3 types of cupcakes that you can prepare for the upcoming Holiday season?

We will probably make snowmen and Santa’s again this year. But the most amazing Christmas cupcakes I am working on is going to be topped with edible snow globes.

snowman christmas poppys cupcakes

santa christmas poppys cupcakes


This is the story of the freshly made cupcakes at Poppy’s Cupcakes. Congrats to Wendy for her awesome work. If you are in London and crave for a delicious organic cupcakes you can order directly at 07824705364. You will love them!

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