14 Creative Halloween Cookies I liked

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These days I have been checking a lot of baking tools especially designed for Halloween. On this journey I have also come across a lot of creative Halloween cookies out there. I’ve taken a look on Instagram and I found a lot of very cute, artsy or down right creepy Halloween treats.

Here are the top 14 creative Halloween cookies that caught my eye on Instagram:


Traditional Jack-o’-lantern, with a wide stichy grin.

deliciosas #GALLETAS DE #HALLOWEEN haz tu perdido con tiempo!! #LosEspejos 83367064

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Perfect tiny details on these ones. Imagine the skill and the patience of this baker. Chapeau!


I believe this should be a bunch of Frankenstein little green monsters. Look at that innocent smile. And those tiny ears!

Frankies!!! #galletas #galletasdecoradas #halloweencookies #lovecookies #happykukis

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This is a bit creepy. But that is why it’s a Halloween cookie. 

Jack Skellington cookies! #awesomness #jackskellington #cookies #delish #nomnomnomnomnom #halloweencookies

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Owls are cute in general, in a living version. Obviously, a cookie version makes you puke rainbows! Look at those bulgy eyes! I could eat it… Thank God it’s a cookie!


This witch got what she deserved! She fell into the caldron she prepared for the scared little children. Can you see the details? The stuff in that pot is overflowing! 

Witch in the cauldron

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This is a scary gang. Or should be. Under no circumstance I could eat any of these 4 cookies. They are too cute.

Had enough of the Halloween cookie frenzie? I knew you wanted more. Keep on scrolling!

This is an awesome idea! All the usual social media emojis turned into Halloween ghosts! It’s funny how all of them seem to be very amused and have a great time. All except the one rolling his eyes on the left side.


This is a precious delicate unicorn she-pumpkin. I could have never thought of such a thing. That delicate flower decoration is amazing though.


Another scary gang. This time – ghosts. They look a bit creepy though and not because they are ghosts, but they also remind me of the KKK. 

Gearing up #meringueghosts #spookytreats #halaween ! #meringues #ghosts #halloweencookies #cocoaandco #bakinghappiness #halloween2017

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This is what I call an elegant creative Halloween cookie. Incredible details on this one too.


This is very funny. I just wonder what that ground is made of.


This looks like a lot of work. Could the little fellow be edible??


I thought I should end this gloriously with the creepiest thing I have seen while looking for creative Halloween cookies. I searched for creative, I got creative. It is a bit disturbing how real they look. I would freak out to find them in my trick or treat bag. But sincere congrats to the creator!

I have also seen this one. So this is how to use the Halloween cookie cutters!

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I also leave here a crazy cute video on some simple creative Halloween treats, with only 3 ingredients. Who would have thought it could be that simple?

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